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Diagnostic Technician for Hire

Does your company have technical issues relating to

constant failure of electronic equipment?

Do you have an NBN co-axial cable fault?

Techpro is expert at co-axial cable Reflectometry.
Cable issues can be pinpointed to within 1 metre in 500 metres.

Hire Techpro for a period of 2 hours and receive my evaluation
report that will direct you to the location of the problem.

2 hrs minimum P.O.A.
Travel and expenses extra.

Should you have a need for
Long Term employment for a Diagnostic Technician
Please go to my Contact page.

I have studied Personal Development with Jim Rohn and
employ Lateral Thinking as outlined in books by Edward De Bono.


  • Diagnostic Technician
  • Determined, Methodical
  • High Problem Solving Skills
  • Collection of relevant data often results in a resolution.
  • Excellent knowledge of DC and AC theory.
  • Able to design electronic circuits and trace electronic malfunctions.
  • Strong Diagnostic skills and an ability to learn and use a wide range of Electronic Equipment.
  • Teaching and Interpersonal communication
  • Train the Trainer Course
    Jim Rohn Personal Development
  • Independently motivated

Core Skills

Diagnostic Technician:- Radio , TV , Microwave, PC Technology, Co-ax cabling.
Electronic circuitry design, manufacture and testing. Fault reporting.

Key Skills
Diagnostic Technician - Methodical, Patient, applying Basic Proven Diagnostic Principles.

Knowledge of component technology. Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Thyristors, Microchips.

Extensive equipment installation experience in computer rooms at QEC, Incitec, Workers Compensation Board, and Tarong Power Station.

Reflectometer testing of thin and thick ETHERNET co-ax cable at Tarong Power Station and city buildings.

Passion for design, manufacture and installation of Electronic Ignition Systems for racing cars, boats and bikes.

Knowledge of battery technology. Dry Cells, Wet Cells, Nickel Cadmium Cells, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Iron, Lithium Polymer, Nickel Iron and, Zinc Bromine cells.

Knowledge of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Sales and Service.

Knowledge of R.A.P.S. Technology. Marketing and sales of Remote Area Power Systems for outback Queensland including Bi-Directional Inverters, Battery Banks, Solar Power Arrays and Diesel Backup Generators.

Computer Technology installation. PC Sales and Service including PC Systems, Printers, Modems, Modem Routers, Wi-Fi Extenders and Power Protection Systems.